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The intersection of Moore’s Law and Cloud software has just occurred and the result is a very green Desktop Private Cloud solution. Called “CriKit” for Cloud Resource and Infrastructure Kit, it includes compute nodes and storage that allows developers, testers and trainers to ply their trades with cloud technologies right on their desk instead of using data center resources.

Further, with CriKit and Hybrid Cloud configurations, organizations can accomplish some amount of local computing and integrate with Public Clouds global infrastructure on the “back end”. Since Crikit is merely a commodity hardware computing platform, it can run a wide variety of cloud software solutions, like CloudStack, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Nimbula, etc. For example, when running Nimbula Director, CriKit can spin up 32 “small” virtual machines out of the box without any additional configuration. With KVM hypervisor modification, CriKit is capable of providing over 100 small virtual machines across the minimal 4 node configuration. Plus, CriKit is easily expandable with more nodes and storage to increase the capacity even further and the financial “step function” of adding compute nodes is minimal compared to other cloud computing solution platforms. Need capacity for more virtual machines? Just add an inexpensive CriKit MicroServer and run more virtual machines! The implications of the overall value proposition of CriKit are highly compelling. Organizations can now significantly reduce the size and costs of on-site computing, while integrating with global public cloud infrastructure. From a desk.

For an Example of what CriKit can do with Nimbula, check out this video of a CriKit Desktop Private Cloud running 32 virtual machines using Nimbula Director. Keep in mind that the entire solution is compact and extremely low wattage -

The green implications of this solution are considerable. Since this is the first product in a brand new product category, there is no competition to compare it to. However, the compute power to energy consumption ratio is something that deserves to be noted. Each compute node of this solution draws under 100 watts of power. Also, each node has 4 compute cores and 8 threads. This means that 400 watts total for 4 compute nodes can easily run 8 operating system instances per node through virtualization. This is significant because if 32 Server Operating Systems can be run on a single desktop, that is around 20 watts per OS, which is simply astounding ! Further, if the CriKit system is used in a more granular fashion, meaning managed resource pooling of CPU, Memory and Storage to achieve high virtual machine density, then the amount of electricity per Virtual Machine could be significantly less than 20 Watts per OS. And it all happens right on your desk !

What would you do with a mini cloud datacenter on your desk?

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A Private Cloud On Your Desk


CriKit stands for Cloud Resource and Infrastructure Kit. CriKit is a compact, energy efficient, low-cost, four-node cloud computing environment that literally fits on a desktop. It has all the hardware you need to set up multi-node private cloud computing environments.

CriKit is intended to be used by a wide variety of roles, including software development, software test and QA, plus training, demonstration and educational applications. Because it employs generic Intel x86 computing platforms that run all major hypervisors and operating systems, it can be used across industries on a wide variety of applications, including general purpose, financial and scientific uses.

CriKit has been designed to meet the requirements of an active cloud system user. It is configurable and expandable, but the base model contains the following items:

Computing Nodes
CriKit contains 4 energy-efficient compute nodes that include an Intel Server Motherboard, an Intel Xeon Server CPU, 16 GB of RAM, Dual 1 Gb Ethernet Network Interface Controllers ( NIC’s) and a Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive ( SSD). The CPU and SSD can be upgraded on request and additional compute nodes can be added as needed.

External/Secondary Storage
CriKit comes standard with a 2 TB NAS system that provides NFS and CIFS capabilities to meet the persistent storage needs of virtualization and cloud computing environments. Storage is upgradeable to 12 TB in a single enclosure and multiple enclosures are possible.

1 Gb Ethernet Switch
CriKit comes standard with an 8 Port, unmanaged, 1 Gb Ethernet switch. Managed switches, and switches with more ports for larger CriKit implementations are available.

Keyboard, Video and Mouse Switch
A high-quality, 8 node DVI/USB switch is included with CriKit. This switch can be daisy-chained with additional switches to accommodate 511 CriKit compute nodes and one Management Workstation.

Management/Development Workstation
CriKit comes with a high-powered workstation to manage the cloud environment and provide high developer productivity. Included in the workstation are:

1. Intel Core i5 processor
2. 8 GB of RAM
3. 1 TB Hard Disk Drive
4. 1 Gb Ethernet NIC
5. 19” LED Monitor
6. Keytronic Keyboard
7. Microsoft optical mouse

Because CriKit components are modular, the system is expandable and upgradeable in a variety of ways.

Contact US Micro to see if CriKit can help you with any of your cloud development, testing, demonstration and educational needs.

Intel Recipes

Intel Corporation has recently announced a series of software configurations for the mini-itx Server Motherboard that is used in the CriKit MicroServer compute engines. The list is quite extensive and gives CriKit a much higher level of credibility by officially creating a wide variety of endorsed software solutions. The entire list of Intel Software Solution Recipes on the CriKit Motherboard, can be found here ->